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5 star

The guys at Specialized Import Auto Service know their stuff and give me a great deal every time. They fix what is necessary and do not try and “wheel and deal” me. It is clear that the employees enjoy working there, and that Specialized is concerned about doing a great job. They always fit me into their schedule in a timely manner, even though business seems quite brisk. Beyond their technical expertise and reasonable prices, the customer service is what really sets Specialized apart. The mechanics are willing to explain mechanical details to me, as well as options for fixing my car; I feel respected in these conversations as a car owner (this is in contrast to my experience in OTHER establishments, where I have felt patronized and lectured at times). Lucas, who works the front desk, remembers me even though I only come in every six months or so, and even ordered me lunch last time while I was waiting for my car to be fixed.

I wholeheartedly recommend Specialized to anyone who wants good deals and excellent customer service!

Fionaw, AnchorageJun 10, 2014




I appreciate the timely and efficient service at Specialized Import Auto Service. They take care of my vehicle and keep me informed of any problems so that my vehicle is in good running order at all times.

Thank you.

AnonymousMay 13, 2014



I “walked in” without an appointment with a “check engine” light issue. By 1400 that afternoon, I was on my way with the problem identified and fixed. Amazingly good service!


Mike S.May 6, 2014



Thank you for being quick in diagnosing the problem, courteous, and helpful!

Michelle S.May 5, 2014



I always get good service at Specialized Import Auto Service; we’ve been loyal customers for over 22 years.

Connie O. – Apr 19, 2014



Even though it took a while to diagnose and get the parts to fix my vehicle it seems to be running great! I have a couple pieces yet to have installed then hope to just enjoy the ride!

JT did a great job keeping me posted on the progress and in touch with the estimated cost for the repair.


Bob H.Apr 17, 2014



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